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Selador Recordings team up with artist Jaime McGlinn for exclusive print inspired by Dave Seaman’s Radio Therapy show

 FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Close to a year of lockdown / near lockdown has proved to be an especially challenging time for all those involved in the creative community – but it has also led to some unique collaborations. Since last March, the Irish born, Manchester based artist Jaime McGlinn has been a prolific painter, creating over 200 works that have been inspired by the livestreams and podcasts of electronic DJs and producers such as John Digweed, Bicep, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry.

Word of Jaime’s unique DJ influenced work spread quickly online and subsequently, one particular piece (inspired by Dave Seaman’s 10th anniversary Radio Therapy show) went on to feature on the artwork for Selador’s ‘3D Remix EP’ released late last year, which featured a dazzling array of remixes of 3D’s (Darren Emerson, Danny Howell’s & Dave Seaman) work by Ian Pooley, Rodriguez Jr and Mihai Popoviciu.

“Lockdown brought me back to painting after 15 years away and in particular the likes of Digweed’s Bunker Sessions and Dave & Steve’s Selador streams inspired me to try to create something out of the positive feeling the music gives me”, explains Jaime. “I always say it’s the music that does the painting, I just hold the brush.”

Selador are now delighted to announce an extremely limited run of prints of that exact artwork are now available via our  Bandcamp page. The High quality A2 prints are all signed and numbered by Jaime himself, and we will also be donating 25% of profits to the MIND mental health charity. A very worthy cause in these challenging times. 

Head to Selador Bandcamp

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