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Welcome to Djs Inbox

We are proud to officially return to the Electronic Music Community.

Those of you who are already familiar with our brand, we were on a hiatus for a bit and are excited to return. Those who are unfamiliar with us we’d like to introduce ourselves to you.

Our mission continues to remain the same and is pretty simple at its core. We are interested in ONLY promoting the music (artists, djs, venues, events, technology and the media who support it) any way we can.

For more information about us head over to the About page.

We got a little close up and personal with Jaime by asking a few questions about his love of art and music:

Are there artists (current and/or past) you follow and draw inspiration from?
I loved Derek Hills Work when I was young, but Van Gogh was always a favorite and Kandinsky. Now I follow lots of artists on Instagram of all ages from 4 to 84! Art is able to communicate on another level…to all ages. I love the support from young artists. I’ve even purchased some of their work.

How often/frequently do you paint?
Every day as it’s my therapy. Music and paint allows me to express feeling I suppose and get lost in a long enveloped moment which is full of colour and energy.

What inspires and motivates you the most when painting?
Music, it’s all about the music I’ve a wide range of musical taste. I’ve always searched music with feeling and emotional connection. Always keen to hear something and share it with mates.

What methods/media do you work with? Only canvas?
No I’ve quite a lot on board or wooden panel. I continue to sketch and do a bit of photography. I’ve run out of room in the house for canvas oh and money! Hobbycraft have had a good time out of me since lockdown. First name terms with all the staff and I’m awaiting an invite to the Christmas party.

When did you first become interested in electronic music?
In primary school we breakdanced so I liked beats and always liked dancing. While that was fun I needed more energy so I starting exploring different genres. I would listen to the Essential Mix while all my mates went out as I was too small and too embarrassed to pretend I was the right age so I’d stay in and listen to Pete Tong. I was still a teenager at the time. I then stumbled onto Paul Oakenfold and taped the Flouro set on cassette while lying on my bedroom floor in the dark. It was magical. I have 3 copies of the CD just in case…it’s still a favorite. I then moved onto Sasha and Digweed and the Global Underground series. I’ve always searched music and loved finding something everyone would like. It’s a thing I’ve done all my life.

What is the process for creating each piece? Are they more thought out or do you like to work in the moment?
No I just stick in headphones and see what happens really. I’ve never been one who likes to take his time on a painting. I want to do the opposite. It’s what the music dictates I suppose. If I’m feeling good, I can be fairly quick to finish but I do struggle at times as I’m my own biggest critic, but I try not to over work or over think them if that makes sense. I want to capture the music.

What projects are you currently involved with or considering including displaying your work in galleries?
I want to showcase my work at an exhibition in Manchester but obviously in our current situation that’s not feasible so I’ve put it on ice for the moment. I’ve done a collaboration with the Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid for an exhibition in Luxemburg last month and I also do commissions for the construction industry which keeps me in contact with my old customers and friends.

Are there plans to explore different types of media?
I’d like to do larger pieces and get a room messy. I paint in my bedroom so that’s not doable. With the dancing and the fantastic music my area carpet is taking a real beating, so I need to be a bit careful. Working on a big canvas takes up plenty of room and I’m already snowed under thanks to the great music I’ve discovered during lockdown. I continued listening to Sasha and Digweed but put the breaks on clubbing obviously with the kids. Finding inspiration and welcomed support via a loving community devoted to music has been amazing.

There a sizable list of supporters who Jaime would like to thank:
Anthony Pappa and the lovely Louise Risstrom, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry (Selador Recordings), Kiz Pattison, DJ Bean, Berko, Nadia, Zoyzi, Amber Long (Modern Agenda) and Dom (Origin Presents).

Catch up with Jaime McGlinn online


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