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Jaime McGlinn hails from Omagh County Tyrone, Ireland,

He now Lives In Altrincham with his 2 young children.

His interest in Art began at a young age and his passion eventually lead to enlisting in the Arts College Belfast, where he received a Bachelor in Fine Art.


After  a Career path in Equipment Sales , Jaime returned to Painting off the back of Lockdown 2020 and started using his Love for Music as his Inspiration to Create Landscapes. 


Working mainly with Oil Paint on Canvas, Jaime draws on various Music genres to inspire his work. 

 It was while tuned into The Bunker Sessions By John Digweed during Lockdown,  that he had the urge to return to Painting after a 20 year break.

Regularly following the Weekly Streams online, he would Paint Live to the Music recording his emotions straight to Canvas and soon he connected with fans and Djs across the World.

A new found enthusiasm  for the Music seen him explore more mixes and live sets from the likes of Selador, Origin Presents and the Soundgarden. 

To date he has worked with several record labels in the Progressive House Scene, including Selador Recordings & The Soungarden.

He also recently Completed a commission for Darren Emerson for his studio in London.


 Jaime regularly donates his work to Charity, and has raised money for The Mental Health Foundation through Sales . 


His Work now hangs in the homes and studios of DJs and Producers across the world.


 Jaime has exhibited In numerous Art Exhibitions across Europe, and is now Represented By Hong Lee Curator Paris and The Monat Gallery Madrid. In 2021 He collaborated with Hong Lee Curator In Paris, ( A La Table ) and Exhibited In The Saatchi Gallery, London, as an exhibitor in the Focus Art Fair.  While Jaime is not Painting and banging about to Music he is spending time with his two lovely children who keep him happy and entertained.

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